• Fathers, masters and donkeys

    After persistent requests, one day one of us found himself having to explain to the engineer father what was 'really' his job. Until that time, in fact, the elderly parent never found, in the undeniable industriousness of the son, nothing that looked like a 'real' work.

    He went for broke, but couldn't get nowhere: none of the activities described seemed to have the suitable standards.

    Then, suddenly, the illumination, "Look, Dad, I do what clients tell me to: I attack the donkey where the master wants me to". The father, finally convinced nodded his head in agreement, smiled and left. It's true: when the situation gets hard, there's nothing better that the ancient Neapolitan knowledge to take us out of troubles.

  • Our smile is never out of fashion

    What is communication, if not the attempt to eliminate distances? To get in touch, there's always space to fill. Stepping forward with a commercial, a press release, a brochure, it's like introducing yourself: being undecided on how to break the ice is unavoidable. But in the ultra-fast communication world there's no room for bashfulness, for romantic suitors, for temporizers: here he who hesitates, is lost. Next please. Than, in few moments, you need to crate a 'us', a shared feeling. Humor has always been, from the very beginnings, one of the most efficient and immediate tools to get in sync. If we're laughing together about something, it means we already understood each other, that we share the same mind frame: the ideal condition to keep on communicate willingly.

    "A day without a smile is a day wasted," said that genius of Charlie Chaplin. A message that does not inspire a smile, doesn't go necessarily to waste. However, formulating their own communication message in a pleasant way, organizations and companies have nothing to lose - and very, very much to gain.

  • Better mytho-graphs than mythomaniacs

    Talking about soul, we use dreams, tales, reverie, stories, fables, legends, fantasies ... We use myths. But if soul is essentially mytho-graphic, how does communication may not? People communicates with myths, through myths: what else are Calimero, the Marlboro cowboy or the Arcadian world of the bitter Montenegro if not wise merchant  variations of ancient mythic structures? Not to mention the myth of progress, or the one of equality, in the name of which we sell products and services more and more sophisticated and 'democratic', in view of a 'progressive' freedom from pain, deprivation and social injustice (!!!) Here at Pensativa we know we're mytho-graphics. We are proud of it and we use narrative tools to communicate almost everything: from the management organization of a IT company to the touristic prerogatives of our region, from the complexities of drinkable water cycle to the launch of a new club.
Storytelling is old as campfire...

  • Call them fools

    In our office stand out a quote by Gianni Rodari: 'It's always so nice to brag your self about something!' Hell yes, no more modesty. We like to distinguish our self, to stand out, to play the role of concrete and creative professionals. And we suspect that our clients are just like us, that they too, in one way or another, want to distinguish their self. Here's why, every time that it's possible, we suggest them to pick an original format. An binding desktop publishing law says: 'Eye and mind tend to not noticing the presence of uni-formed publications'. For us standard formats are nothing but easy solutions: they may be economic, but they're inclined to stay invisible, to going to the waste. In matter of costs, you just need few tricks for spending little and, if not being read (those days...) at least being browsed. The same could be said talking about the web: you don't need to sell your soul to the special effects, some times it takes very little, a tiny idea, an original detail..

  • Immersive headsets

    Augmented and virtual reality, immersive environments...No matter how you call it, we felt in love with VR technology. Why? For many reasons.... First: it allows the three-D spatialization of data (data scape), particularly useful when there are many, complex and difficult messages to organize. Second: it's not interactive, it's super-interactive, the user is always dialogic, he can decide in every moment which aspect of reality to explore and how to explore it. Third: it's deeply recreational. Even the most modern video game may be considered just like an archaic and de-powered virtual environment. Fourth: you get amazing super-powers. While in ordinary life we are subject to the well known physical and biological bonds, in virtual reality we can avail increased perceptive, motor and cognitive abilities: huge jumps, flying patrols, sight trough walls and plumb-line rises along them.

  • Twenty thousand leagues under the sea

    Flashy, frivolous and extemporaneous like fireworks: often the work of those who serve in the advertising world is automatically sold off as superficial. But be careful: thinking this way, you run the risk of being even more superficial in judging them.

    It's true: there are those short 'thirty-seconds' of radio and TV, or small spaces at the page bottom, where you need to put on a fireworks show that catches attention in a blink. But Pensativa  also deals with publications, screenplays, editing, corporate identity creation, cross-media products, consulting: projects that, instead, require a careful and scrutinized analysis. Like Captain Nemo with his Nautilus, we're ready to dive deep: exploring the hidden worlds beneath the surface, re-floating extraordinary treasures.

  • Beyond the fence

    We like our job very much, as our office moreover. Pensativa's house is in the hart of Turin, at the last floor of an refined building: we have the luck to work with our gaze meeting the baroque triumph of Carlo Alberto's square. In the evening, at dusk, the sky turns wonderfully red in front of our eyes, drafting the unique profile of Monviso.  Still, there would seem simplistic to limit ourselves to grow our lovely 'backyard': as Leopardi said, we love to watch 'over the fence', deal with other realities and build together new ambitious projects. From the creation of an image bank, to the preparation of cultural  schedules, through active participation in the initiatives promoted in the area (Network for Social Communication in Piedmont) up to the creation of sites and mob app in 2.0 spirit ... Exhibitions, museums, foundations, consortiums, cultural associations: when you need planning fit, Pensativa knows how to get in the game.